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Con Panna


Title: Con Panna (part 1)
Pairing: Klaine AU
Rating: PG, for light language (any future installments would get likely upped)
Summary: Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.  One of his tasks is to bring her coffee in the morning.  Enter Blaine, the barista.

Just a little ficlet based off the Glee season 4 speculation that Kurt will be in New York and somehow involved with Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City fame.

Next installmentsDoppioAmericanoShot In the DarkRistretto, MacchiatoCorrettoBreveUndertow, Peppermint Mocha, Dirty ChaiIrish Coffee Part 1Irish Coffee Part 2Cappuccino, Affogato: The Epilogue

ETA: I am now filling drabble prompt request in the verse.  They can be found in this tag.

There is now also a Crema Masterpost.

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I believe I have fallen in love with this particular Klaine fic.



Tyler Oakley’s AUGUEST finale ft. DARREN CRISS

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it’s been like six years and i’m still not over the last five minutes of dr. horrible

really? because I didn’t feelimage

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